Papers on specific topics. Some are co-authored. 2010 to 2012

BART Non-Structural, 2010

Seismic upgrade of non-structural components in BART’s subway system.  File size: 7.4 MB.  Non Structural FEMA BART.pdf

Pipe Replacement, 2011

Pipe replacement, considering seismic and aging issues. Burbank. File size: 0.3 MB. Water Pipes Aging.pdf

Cable Failures, 2012

Failure of buried power cables, New Zealand.  File size: 1.2 MB. Buried Cables.pdf

Tower Wind and Ice, 2012

Wind and Loading Reliability Model for Towers: 0.5 MB. Tower Reliability Rev 1.pdf

Pipe Aging, 2010

Pipe replacement, considering seismic and aging issues. Pasadena.  File size: 0.3 MB. Pipe Aging.pdf

Christchurch Power, 2010-2011

Damage to Transpower, Orion.  File size: 22 MB. Christchurch Power 11.2.11lr.pdf