Papers on specific topics. Some are co-authored. 2006 to 2009

Pipe at Dumbarton Bridge. 2006

Performance of Pipes across San Francisco Bay.  File size: 2.0 MB. Dumbarton Pipes.pdf

Fire, Water, Economics. 2006

Fire following earthquake losses for upgrade of a water system.  File size: 0.2 MB. Fire& Econ Impacts of EQs.pdf

BPA High Voltage System. 2006

How Bonneville Power’s 500 kV Network Might Perform. File size: 0.3 MB. BPA_Seattle.pdf

Water - Power Interaction. 2007

Should water utilities buy standby power to address earthquakes and fires?.  File size: 0.2 MB. Water - Power Interaction.pdf

Solar Panels on Reservoirs. 2008

Seismic and wind design issues for solar panels on water reservoir roofs.  File size: 0.2 MB. Seismic and Solar 14WCEE lr.pdf

BPA Multi Hazard, 2009

Impact of landslides, wind and ice on BPA’s high voltage transmission system.  File size: 0.8 MB. Multi Hazard.pdf

Magic R. Seismic Design of Water Tanks. 2009

Why the AWWA code values for R need to be changed.  File size: 0.2 MB. Magic R - Seismic Design of Water Tanks.pdf

Hayward Fault. 2009

Status of 1,400 pipes that cross the Hayward fault.  File size: 0.4 MB. Hayward lr.pdf