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Earthquake Reports, 1906 - 2024

How power, water, gas and other lifelines performed in past earthquakes. Recent additions: Japan Tohoku M 9.0 2011; Lushan China 2013; Napa, California 2014; Kumamoto Japan 2016; Mexico 2017; Hokkaido Japan 2018; Anchorage Alaska 2018; Ridgecrest 2019; Magna Utah 2020; Ferndale 2022; New Evaluations of 1906 / 1989 SVWC / AWSS water systems.

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Water Pipes, Gas Pipes, Electric Substations, Non Structural,  Fires,

Transmission Tower Reliability under Wind and Ice Loads

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Latest: Power Outage Forecasts. Electric Utility Fragility, 2024.

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